friday vibes

The greatest gift in life is (arguably) good health. Our health is the foundation for finding out our boundaries, and pushing to exceed them in every thing we do. It is something I am certainly guilty of taking for granted, and now that I have been battling with a sinus/allergy problem for over a month, am realizing is something that greatly improves my energy and outlook on life.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle takes a level of realism that most are out of touch with. When we give in to conforming to a life of overworking and personal sacrifice, it is evident not only in one’s state of mind, but the state of their health as well. Sure, there are some basic ways to stay healthy… get fresh air regularly, wash your hands, eat your vegetables. But there are things you can do regularly (before you start feeling icky) to increase your overall health and quality of life. I stumbled upon this perfect list, which fully encompasses the way to keep a healthy mind, body, and soul.

good health


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