Salad Style: Hot Wings Without the Mess

photo 4

 You know what time it is peeps… time to prep work lunches for the week and make use of that tupperware. Lately, I have been combining different leftovers to make new creations, so as not to waste good food and also, to expand my own horizons. Too often do I find myself getting the same old stuff at the store for the same old boring dishes. Which isn’t to say I don’t love them, but even sunshine burns when you get too much, ya know? And there’s nothing worse than ruining your relationship with a perfectly good food just because you couldn’t help yourself and overdid it. All it takes is a few random items, and some imagination, and you can surprise yourself with the results.

[ enter exhibit A ]

My dad decided for family dinner he would take a stab at making hot wings for the first time. Which was great for the boys, but my mom and I like to stay clean during family dinner so this was just not the night for us. BUT, in bringing home leftovers, I realized I could upcycle this flavor packed appetizer into something even better – and healthier!

[ enter my amazing buffalo chicken salad ]

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Once you have these ingredients ready (most of which can be kept on hand for when the opportunity to bring home wings presents itself), you just mix them all together and dress lightly with some light ranch or blue cheese dressing and voila! You have an amazing protein filled salad with a kick of heat to fuel you all day long. And if you can’t finish it, don’t worry – these go great in a wrap too!


2 thoughts on “Salad Style: Hot Wings Without the Mess

  1. Love this! I have been making salads for work and trying to toss in meat to make it a little more filling! So far Ive done bbq chicken salad and taco salad! Trying this one this week!!

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