No time for lunch? Keep it simple, stupid

There are moments when every ounce of motivation/creativity/health mindedness leave me and it’s suddenly last call for lunch without ruining dinner. I like to play a little game during these moments, where I challenge myself to A. not take the easy way out and go spend unnecessary money on lunch that will inevitable fill me up and spoil my appetite for dinner and B. make due with whatever ingredients I have on hand.

So one day, I found myself in said scenario, and made due with a string cheese, some butter lettuce, and a few slices of turkey. I turned this into a simple little salad and threw my last splash of fat free balsamic vini from TJ’s (obvs). Normally, this wouldn’t fill me up, but lucky for me I had a Suja Elements in the fridge which gave me a little calorie boost to hold me over for the rest of the day.

What types of quick fixes have you thrown together to save the day??

Quickie Lunch


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