friday vibes

I have been feining for some friday vibes, as I have completely lost track of what day it is lately. I forgot how demanding the retail world is during the holidays, but find myself keeping busy during the long action packed shifts. When I’m not at work, I have been steadily building my little nest and creating a good energy for my little bungalow. Even with lots of friends and family nearby for support while I get settled, there is really just nothing more rewarding than knowing you built something on your own, with your own two hands.

I plan on spending my weekend creating more additions to my home, and keeping myself preoccupied and happy while the boy is away for the next ten days. Why sit around moping in holiday glutton? No one is going to make my space – or soul – sparkle but me, so I am buzzing around like a little bee.

May your weekend be productive, happy and full of holiday cheer 🙂




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