Santa’s Little Helper: What’s in my tool box

Growing up in retail, I have always had to be a pro when it came to wrapping gifts. Years later, I still take pride in this annual tradition, and hate being ill prepared – especially if I am shopping late. Luckily, that is not the case this year, so I had time to put together a little list of what is in my gift wrap tool box so that you can wrap your prezzies with great ease – and style.

1. Wrapping Paper. I like to have a variety on hand in case I need to buy a gift in a pinch. Products that come in bulky boxes can’t be thrown in a bag, so pretty paper and bows can usually make it look much more festive.

An old potter turned into a kitchen utensil holder

2. Tissue Paper. Great for giving the gift of clothing, as well as for any small gifts to be wrapped in a bag. Tissue adds an extra touch that makes opening gifts more fun. Like the lining of a nice coat, have fun with different colors, prints and patterns for some extra style points.

3. Bags of different sizes. Bags are great when I like to give a few little gifts instead of one big one. Maybe it has something to do with my indecisiveness, but I think two gifts are better than one… don’t you? It’s also great to have these stowed away in the event you need to wrap something fast.

gift bags

4. Good Scissors. Now mine may be old, but they have been my trusty scissors for as long as I have lived on my own. Make sure you get a comfortable grip since you are likely to be wrapping a while.

5. Lots of tape. Satin, double sided, glue sticks, you can never be too prepared. I like to have at least a few regular old scotch rolls around, but pick up the others around Thanksgiving for all my Christmas wrapping needs.

gift wrapping tools

6. Different types of ribbon. Now, using ribbon doesn’t necessarily confine you to the cheap looking plasticky kind you probably remember as a kid. This is another thing you can have fun with… I like to save any good long ones for future use, but I also keep some fabric ribbon, raffia and burlap twine for a more rustic vibe.

7. Fun bows, ornaments and doodads. This is my miscellaneous category. Rhinestone snow flakes, glitter clothespins, butterflies on clips and crinkle shred for gift baskets are all rotating in my gift rap tool box. I usually have a little bit of everything left around Christmas, after all the birthdays have passed.

gift wrap box

8. Gift Tags. These are really only useful during Christmas, but can be extremely helpful when lots of gifts are being exchanged. Skip the drug store for those cheap adhesive labels, a pretty little tag will make a better impression that a cheesy sticker.

9. Greeting Cards. This is one of my best kept secrets. Every couple months when I take my trip to the grocery store for cosmetics, cleaning products, office supplies, I pick up a few greeting cards for various occasions. I find it easier to spend time doing this while I have it, instead of feeling rushed when I need it most and have no time.


crinkle paper gift basket

gift wrap for a man


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