Time Travel: The Northeast

I can’t even remember the last time I took a true vacation. You know, where you leave your phone in the room and read books for fun. Don’t get me wrong, any excuse to get away is good enough for me. But so many of my recent trips have had an agenda, a daily itinerary with little to no wiggle room. A weekend trade show in Vegas where the only break from standing was to spend money you don’t have. A three day music festival in Indio where rest and water are more scarce than gold. Rarely do I get the chance to take time off to simply r e l a x.

I was given such an opportunity when my boyfriend invited me back east to meet his family over the holidays. We ate well, drank hot toddy’s by the fire, had college football marathons and went on scenic drives through the historic streets of suburban Connecticut. We had sun, rain and snow, a real bargain as far as experiencing the seasons in such a limited amount of time. We spent most of the trip laying low in Connecticut, but when the weather went sour and we got stuck a few extra days, I got to meet my mom in the city for a luxurious night at the New York Palace where I kicked up my slippers and drank martinis while I awaited my flight home.

Although I only planned on spending a week back east, I ended up having a two week escape from reality where I let myself unwind, met some amazing people, spent time in my boyfriend’s home and experienced New York City in all of it’s holiday glory. Even though I spent more time in airports than I would have liked, this trip was exactly what I needed to reset and start the year off cool, calm and collected.







summer beach shops gone quiet for the winter







home for the week



photo 1 (2)

me and my lovely tour guide 🙂



modern metallic details at The Palace



Fancy hotel bath products a la Molton Brown



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