Recipe Sharing: TSC Vegan Quinoa Salad

TSC Salad

You know when you wake up with morning-after-regret? I’m not talking about who you wake up next to, I’m talking about your meal choice while eating out. My boyfriend and I tend to order things that we don’t normally cook at home – which leaves us essentially with super rich, fatty food choices. This morning, we both woke up feeling exceptionally crappy about our dinner choices last night [spinach dip appetizer, chopped italian salad and bbq chicken pizza – talk about a salt overload!]. By late afternoon, I found myself scrolling through countless web pages and magazines scouring for healthy recipes to plan for this week. There’s no better time to feel inspired to clean up my act than after a rough day of eating like shit, so that’s where I’m at right now.

Whenever I am feeling super guilty for too many eat-cheats, I always turn to my good friend Lauryn’s health + lifestyle blog for new tips and tricks to get back on track. I read about this little gem of a salad a while back, and have since used it as my go to lunch when I’m pseudo-cleansing. After one of the wake up call’s I am currently experiencing, it’s nice to have this easy peasy daytime snack to fall back on.

Aside from the pom seeds, I tend to have all of the ingredients to this salad on hand on the reg. Everything in this recipe is a beneficial addition to your grocery list, whether it’s gluten-free, vegan or good fats you are looking for. Besides, doesn’t it feel good to create a fun new dish with some of the stuff you regularly snack on?

TSC Salad


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