Peep These Gems

necklace rack hack

Jewelry storage is an on-going battle in my bedroom every time I impulse buy another piece of jewelry. My grandfather was a costume jeweler, so I naturally take pride in my sparkly jewels. Accessorizing is half the battle after all, isn’t it? 

My collection of necklaces is vast! I have long thin chains adorned with pretty pendants… chunky plastic collar grazers… dainty pieces for fancy occasions… magic crystals from far off places… they are all unique individuals, but I can’t play favorites. The last necklace rack I made was cute and beachy, however it only had six knobs and that just makes a mess of picking out a necklace for a girl like me. To only have six front spaces leaves out too many candidates, I needed something that allowed my pieces to breathe. I searched endlessly for ideas, mapping out what material could best hold 50 nails, but that wasn’t practical. Stands are too small, my necklaces would topple one over. I needed something clean and sturdy, that would uphold the amount of rummaging I do.

The answer was, of course, IKEA.

necklace rack hack

I found this hack on Pinterest, and it may be the best thing that ever happened to my vanity. Now I can look at and pick through all my necklaces, and all the while they stay pristine and separated, free of pesky knots that I don’t have the patience to get out.

The trick is making sure you don’t drill a hollow wall, something a simple knock can identify. The directions only suggest a screwdriver, but I found my mini drill extremely handy for the job. Be sure to BYOS – bring your own screws… IKEA did not provide.

I also invested in four sets of hooks to start… I already need a fifth.

Oh and PS: My old necklace rack did find a new home. It is now a scarf caddy at my door so I can easily grab one on the way out. Win/win!

necklace rack hack


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