Comfort Classics: Bangers n’ Mash

bangers and mash

Healthy as I may try to be, I like to think of my kitchen as my balancing center. I do my best to cook up meals low in calories and filled with nutrients, but sometimes all the conscientious thinking can take a toll. I know the point of eating clean is to detox your body of all the bad stuff we consume through processed foods and meals prepared in other kitchens, but sometimes I need to turn my brain off and just enjoy some simple comfort classics that always satisfy me. Sometimes it can be relatively bland, other times it leads to rich decadence. But variety is the essence of enjoying cooking, and so is life.

I was randomly craving mashed potatoes, and I had some sausage in the freezer I needed to eat before the big move last month. I immediately was reminded of my favorite pre-school cafeteria lunch: mashed potatoes with sliced hotdogs. I know it sounds trashy, but I really loved it as a kid and couldn’t help but compare the two. In any case, I went ahead with my weird idea and, voila! Bangers and mash for dinner.

I kept my potatoes pretty simple, only using butter – no cream. To add a kick, I sprinkled red pepper flakes on top to give it a little zing! It was more than satisfying… it is pretty rare for me to eat a meat n potatoes kind of dish, but this one was warm and cozy, perfect for the winter months.

bangers and mash

bangers and mash

bangers and mash


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