IKEA Hack: Bar Carts for Babes

ikea hack bar cart

The art of making a cocktail is a lost one, although profoundly impressive. When I worked downtown, I spent many nights exploring new bars and restaurants that delivered flawless drinks. Now, in my more domestic days, entertaining friends at home is a much more suitable way of spending the evening.

Having a little area dedicated to all of your respective spirits, mixers and accessories is handy when you have friends over. People will feel right at home sidling up to your set-up to mix up a little somethin-somethin before heading out for dinner or drinks on the town. Or when you are hosting your gal pals for your favorite show, wine must be readily accessible in order to get through the pain and pleasure of reality TV.

Fun and fashionable solution? A cute lil bar cart, obvi.

And since they are all the rage right now, there are lotsssss of options as far as what direction you want to take with it. Because my house is a mix of light woods and white modern accents, I decided to go with a sterile white IKEA Bygel cart as my base. And for only $25, I had extra spending money to splurge on the accessories. But silver hardware is so not me, so I decided to spray paint mine rose gold [also known as copper].

bygel cart

rose gold aka copper

Once I gave my metal pieces a couple coats of paint and I let them dry for a few hours, I could follow the little Swedish illustrated instructions through the construction of the cart. It didn’t take long at all, but I did find that one of the metal rods was missing the holes needed to put two screws in place. My middle shelf is a bit shifty, but I plan on adding a little glue for extra support so I can add some cute champagne glasses from my Grandma’s estate.

ikea hack bar cart

ikea hack bar cart

The last thing I need to do once the cart was done and found it’s home was to fill it with goodies. I found a great rose gold Cynthia Rowley ice bucket at Home Goods [aka heaven on earth] while I was picking up glass tumblers. I also had a silver tray that belonged to my Grandma and a leather and silver flask my Dad got me for Christmas in college.

I added an amethyst gemstone – which stills the mind, purifies negative energy, and instills wisdom and intuition. It belonged to my Grandfather, a renowned jeweler who had a vast collection of crystals in his cactus garden.

I still have work to do and bits and pieces to add to the cart, but I am really happy with the simple stuff I have so far, and look forward to working on stocking it and styling it out.

ikea hack bar cart

ikea hack bar cart

ikea hack bar cart


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