Superbowl Snacktime

The Superbowl is big for many reasons. The game is the ultimate showdown. The commercials are the culmination of a year of creative and financial achievement for many huge companies. The food is the fattiest, cheesiest, least-sorriest EVER. And for that reason, we all indulge. No matter the vice, we all give in to temptation.

I have always taken time to consider what I will make/bring to a Superbowl party, but since I have to work, I will only have time to watch the second half of the game… which means I need to cut my culinary efforts in half.

I think one powerhouse dish to pick up the fans after halftime is exactly what I need. So I decided to replicate a recipe I borrowed from one of my boyfriend’s cousins that is 1) so rich, 2) has a spicy kick and 3) the bf loves 🙂

buffalo chicken dip

Below is the easy peasy recipe, make sure to stock your fridge with good dipping agents (fresh pre-cut veggies, whole wheat or GF crackers) and tasty beer so you are ready to dive right into the game!

*This recipe is great as it is if you use a shallow dish, however I think next time I may cut all the ingredients (except the chicken) in half for a lighter version.

buffalo chicken dip


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