Quick Fixes for Friends

Now that I’m living alone, I fear that I’ll turn into a lonely old lady. I love surrounding myself with friends and food, but dinner parties aren’t exactly in the cards now that my entire life exists in a 400 square foot box. My fridge has never been more sparse than it is now, but I always keep a few things around in the event I have a friend or two over.

Last week, the bf’s cousins were in town, so I wanted to be prepared with tasty bites to mange before we went out for drinks. I had some leftovers from the lettuce wraps >>recipe coming soon!<< I made the night before, and put together a cute little cheeseboard on my favorite Christmas Gift the bf got for me 🙂 It was the perfect start to a fun filled night in the town, and a great way to debut my new place!

cheese & spiced nuts

cheese & spiced nuts

endive lettuce cups

endive lettuce cups

Some other fun ideas for quick and easy app’s for entertaining a small group:

  • caprese bites
  • cucumber cups filled with hummus
  • olives and nuts
  • salami and cheese
  • grilled flatbread
  • chips and guac

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