Italian Night Menu

I am kind of a funny eater.

1. I am slow as F

2. I like each bite to be perfect.

3. I like a few bites of a lot of things more than a lot of bites of one thing

Since my habits can be embarassing/impractical/financially burdensome, I tend to cater my home cooked meals to my weird taste. A few small dishes is more along the lines of what I like, so that is exactly what I did…

The menu: Italian


tomato pesto mozzarella


Plump farmer’s market tomatoes, buffalo mozza with sea salt and cracked pepper, drizzled in olive oil. There isn’t much better than this simple dish, but for an extra savory twist, I added a scoop of basil pesto from Trader Joe’s. This can be downsized to a smaller portion, but I just love my caprese so I went all out with this one.

penne with peas


Since I indulged on the first course, I went with a gluten free corn pasta instead of your typical store bought variety. Next on my list of culinary skills to conquer is homemade pasta, but that will come later. I love love LOVEEEEE peas in my pasta, especially with some fresh grated parm and red chili flakes.

spaghetti squash parmigiana casserole

And this little rammekin of goodness is the product of my last batch of spaghetti squash. Sometimes I use meat in my sauce, but since I opted to bake this little bit, I just went with a basic homemade marinara that was low sodium and used fresh herbs from my garden.

Italian is my favorite cuisine of all, but soon I will be trying other varieties like Mexican and Mediterranean. What kind of menus do you like to make?


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