getting nerdy with my fitness

You know what the hardest part of working out is?

Holding yourself accountable.

Seriously, any other excuse is basically an extension of this principle. Can’t get out of bed… don’t have time today… I’m too sore… blah blahh blahhh. Holding yourself accountable can be tough, but there are great tools these days to help us with this problem.

Between apps and social media, we can track every morsel we intake and every calorie we burn. We can break down our BMI with the click of a mouse. We can create fitness goals to help us continuously strive to be better. We can share these goals and hold each other accountable for our achievements and mistakes.

But programs entirely reliant on the users data entry don’t work. At least not in my experience. I need something that is a constant reminder of what I have set out to accomplish and a tool to help track my day to day activity between work, sleep and incessant errands.

Meet my new bff, my fitbit.

fitbit flex

I love this little rubber wristlet. Granted, you do have to input details of your diet and workouts, but it tracks my steps, monitors my sleep, is waterproof, and comes in a bunch of cute colors. I have the flex in this teal blue, which has the smallest screen and the slimmest look. My bf got them as a gift for us both, and because we are friends on fitbit, can now motivate each other to walk more, eat better, get to bed earlier.

I hate fad diets, and prefer lifestyle adjustments. Along with some other stuff I will be incorporating into my everyday life, this will help me see where I am at on a regular basis and figure out how to exceed those goals.



For instance, I log around 8k – 10k steps a day when I am working a full shift and either run a few errands or hit the gym for an hour. On a sick day (which I have unfortunately had a few of post-sinus op), I barely walk 3k. But I already know I have a long road ahead of me now that I’m in the clear to work out again, so this is a great tool for me to find out the best routine for myself.

Tracking sleep is also super cool. I thought I woke up a lot on a night where I stirred 4 or 5 times. On average, I wake up 11 times a night! I have yet to figure out how this little rubber band can determine the difference between light sleep and REM sleep, but I am already going to sleep earlier, and the daily hydration goal helps me sleep much better – especially when I’m sick.

I just got my first 15k step badge and can’t wait for the next one! What types of programs do you use to hold yourself accountable for your health??


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