Southern Style BLT’s

blt biscuits

I draw a lot of inspiration from many mags and sites, but I think AllRecipes is my favorite of all. Whenever I am bored with what’s in my fridge or out of ideas, I just get lost in the digital catalog of delicious/authentic/comforting/creative dishes. My success rate with AllRecipes is pretty high, so when I stumbled across this diddy, I knew I was onto something great.

Let me set the scene: it’s a snowy, freezing cold day in Connecticut. My boyfriend, his family and I were on our second round of missed flights, and we had been cooking elaborate meals for days thinking we would be leaving town. Seeking something quick, easy and warm for lunch, I started trolling AllRecipes in search of something that would comfort us in the cold… and impress the ‘rents of course.

So I came up on the genius idea to make BLT Biscuits. There is something about a biscuit that just warms the soul – or maybe it’s just my southern upbringing. My Aunt Woowa used to hand press her biscuits with lilly white flour. Her soft little hands would guide me through the process and then voila! Biscuits were born! And then slathered with butter, jam, gravy, you name it.

Unfortunately, lilly white flour is not available in this part of the country, and we were in a pinch. So Pillsbury had to do. And surprisingly, they were great! Cheap, convenient, and the perfect size for a high pile of B, L and T.

The key to making these is baking the bacon in the oven – trust me, it makes a HUGE difference!


pillsbury biscuits

baked bacon

blt biscuits


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