Playing with Flowers

Life is about the little things. Simple pleasures. And for me, that includes having fresh flowers in my house.

The smell, the colors, the freshness… just thinking about flowers makes me happy.

I spent some time working with an amazing floral company this past year, and learned a lot about floral style. From shabby chic classic like roses and peonies, to modern and bright blooms like irises and spider mums, you can really achieve any sort of mood with your stem selection.

There are some basic concepts about mixing and matching flowers that I find helpful when I am enraptured at the farmer’s market.

Option 1: Different shades of the same color. Color is a great thread connecting a variety of different annual and seasonal blooms. Pinks, yellows, and creams are exceptional colors to experiment with, and can almost always be found year round.

Option 2: Colors that border each other on the color wheel. Think brighter combos like red/orange and orange/yellow, and cooler palettes like blue/purple and purple/red.

Option 3: Combine colors that oppose each other on the color wheel. Since green is neutral, it shouldn’t count in the color clash. Pink and blue or orange and purple are bold pairings that pack a visual punch. Purple and yellow is a common blend that is really nice in the summertime.

Whichever way you choose, make sure you are giving your flowers a shot at living a long life by giving them the light and water they need to thrive. I like to keep mine in mason jars and change the water every three days. I also find that the windowsill is too strong a sun spot for my plants, so I keep mine in the center of the room to take some of the heat off.


Playing with Flowers


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