Don’t call it a comeback!

Allow me to re-introduce myself…

After almost a year of radio silence, I am officially baaaaaack! This time last year, as I embraced the idea of living in the now and being present in every moment, I took a hiatus from my beloved blog to just… live.

I traveled, fell in love, made great progress in my life in many ways, learned lessons, made friends, explored new passions, and grew my roots deep in my community.

And now I am back, ready to hit the ground running, with lots to share! Sometimes going off trail into the wild can take you into an unfamiliar land, and feeling a bit confused by where you have wandered off to. But once you follow your footsteps back to where you left off, you can truly experience a second wind, a fresh perspective, and head back onto the trail with an all new outlook. And now that I am writing and taking pictures again, I am starting to feel like my old self again and am reallllllly feelin myself.

This year, I am seeking creative and spiritual growth, want to take good care of my body and give back to my community that has done so much for me this past year.

So, without further ado… this is my new and improved blog-baby. For those who followed my old blog – thank you for all of your encouraging words over this past year. I am excited to share Health, Habit & Home with all of my family, friends, followers, and all you strangers out there too. The name speaks for itself… our Health, our Habits and our Home really make up the solar system of our lives, while we just orbit and seek balance. I am by no means an expert on… well, anything. I am just a girl in the world looking to have fun, be happy, speak my mind and laugh a little along the way. So * disclaimer * take anything you read on this blog with an open mind and a grain of salt, and if you don’t like it, click the X in this tab and move on. And if you do, read on, comment, email me, share my link, whateva you like… Just keep it positive people!


One thought on “Don’t call it a comeback!

  1. Welcome Back Baby…. I’ve missed your blog and I’m thrilled to see what “H3”
    Brings out of your awesome mind!!

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