Skincare 101: Being Proactive with Arbonne

Prologue: I feel like I am in a time warp with this whole daylight savings change. Every morning I feel like I haven’t slept, and I am starting to lose track of the time and days. I completely forgot to post on Monday, so I decided to post a nice hearty entry about my new jam – my new and improved skin routine!

I have always gotten a lot of sun exposure – between growing up by the beach and playing lots of outdoor sports – and haven’t generally been the best about sun protection. I also rarely wear makeup, which has allowed me to think I don’t have to wash my face every night. I actually believed that putting product on my face would cause me to break out, so I dodged the skincare aisle every time I went to the drug store. You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20, so naturally looking back I am pretty skeeved out by what I was allowing to chill on my face. Pollution, dirt, germs, dead skin, ICKKKK!


I have recently paying a lot more attention to my skin, and thanks to the helpful advice of professionals who dedicate their lives to the science of skincare, I have finally got my regimen dialed. But I won’t sugar coat it or sit here and act like I am a pro, it took some time and research to figure out exactly what worked for me, and I am sure it will continue to change like the seasons. But once I accepted the fact that there was more I could do to help preserve my naturally beautiful skin, I began making much wiser choices that I know I will thank myself for later when I am old and wrinkle free.

A couple of my friends began talking about Arbonne, a plant-based skincare line that boasts amazing all natural ingredients and a killer anti-aging collection. I attended a little facial party at my girlfriend’s house, where I learned about all the harmful crap drugstore brands put into their products, and I quickly understood why I was under the impression using those products made me break out. Who wouldn’t break out after slathering animal fat all over their face?

The first thing I did was go home and throw out anything I had used or held onto in regards to skin care. I then decided to try out a couple products to see how my skin did and take it from there. I settled on their gentle smoothing facial cleanser to help rid my skin of impurities and makeup residue, and a moisture rich night repair creme to hydrate my skin cells while I sleep. Neither of these were cheap, however after learning about what being thrifty with skin care can lead to, I didn’t mind shelling out a little extra dough for the good stuff.

arbonne re-9

I have to admit, that after about a week of transitionary toxins coming out of my skin, I have noticed incredible results from such a small change in what I am doing. I had a zillion small bumps on my forehead when originally started seeking out skin solutions, and they have long since vanished from my face. I am seeing a lot less dryness, and my complexion is shades brighter. The products even have slightly aromatherapeutic qualities, which helps me fall asleep easier.

All in all, I highly recommend being proactive and getting some anti-aging products ahead of the curve. Because once you have experienced significant sun damage or wrinkles, there is no turning back the clock. Using all natural anti-aging products like these can be preventative, so start doing your research before it is too late!


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