Changing like the tide

spring equinox

As many of you can tell by the trippy time warp that has taken over the Western Hemisphere since daylight savings a couple weeks ago, a new season is upon us. And along with the spring equinox, the universe brought with it a new moon and a solar eclipse. Why is this celestial trifecta so important? Because all signs are pointing to change and new beginnings, and who doesn’t like an opportunity to evolve?

Spring is already notorious for new beginnings, seeds coming to fruit, the days getting longer and the light staying later. Alone, all of these things are amazing and much needed after life slows down in the fall and winter. But combine that with the bombastic power of a solar eclipse and a new moon, and you get a whole other level of magic that can only mean good good things are coming.

This moon brings with it a heavy focus on our dreams, imagination and intuition, things that can certainly get swept under the rug in the busy months of winter. It also is a time for us to identify our beliefs, challenge ourselves to take risk, and accept our imperfections. New moons are typically a very healthy time to prune away any dead weight keeping you from getting closer to your goals, especially during this type of Wish Moon.

During new moons, I like to check in with myself, evaluate my goals, and write down my thoughts. Putting things on paper works for me, and if I want any wishes to come to fruition before the next moon cycle, I plant my paper in the dirt and let the moon do it’s magic.

Spring is a time to celebrate after all, and what better way to do so than to take time to relax, reflect, and enjoy Mother Earth’s offerings? I spent some time this weekend doing just that, and had myself a nice little picnic on the lawn in the late afternoon sun. I wrote down all my dreams and wishes, evaluated my accomplishments so far this year, and soaked up the sun. How do you plan on centering your focus on your goals? How will you make the most of what this moon – and season – bring forth? Set an intention for yourself so that you can have a constant reminder of what you are striving for… if you’re unsure where to start, read my recent post on setting intentions for yourself and you will be well on your way to wonderful change!

spring equinox picnic

pistachios & rice crackers with brie and raw pecans

spring equinox picnic

spring equinox picnic

dried mandarins from Trader Joe’s

spring equinox picnic


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