Healthy Habit: Foam Rollin

Recently, I have been a bit of an amazon addict… I know many recovered addicts, and never knew what all the fuss was about. But my oh my was I missing out until now! It was just too easy, and now I am the proud owner of many things I have been eyeing over the past few months.

And my most recent purchase is a fab foam roller !!

foam roller

Unimpressed? Then you OBVS aren’t hip to how awesome foam rolling actually is for you.

In a nutshell, it is like ironing out the wrinkles in your muscle tissue. By massaging your sensory receptors, your blood starts to circulate better, alleviating potential soreness following a strenuous workout. It can also aid in bettering your balance, increasing flexibility, and aligning your spine.

benefits of foam rolling

Foam rollers also come in different densities for different areas, but I ordered one with multiple densities for its versatility. I bounce between cardio, circuit training, yoga and sports so being able to address the challenges of each workout is important for someone like me. But even the most basic plain white foam roller can get you the benefits to better your bod.

But if you’re anything like me – a total skeptic when it comes to using new equipment at the gym – it can be a slightly intimidating challenge. But I promise you, 5 minutes of pain will greatly benefit you in the long run. So suck it up and get to rollin!

For more on the benefits of foam rolling – and to see my post-workout routine – check out my guest post on Graced by Grit!

benefits of foam rolling


2 thoughts on “Healthy Habit: Foam Rollin

  1. My friend swears by foam rollers…I just got one and now I’m obsessed! They’re wonderful!

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