plants make me happy

It’s a fact… plants make me happy.

And I’m not the only one. Scientific studies prove that having plants in your living space helps purify air and makes one feel closer to nature. Think about it… plants represent the earth, air, water, sun, life, growth. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by all that goodness?

Whenever I am feeling like I need to do something to ground me to the earth, I like to garden. Succulents are so freaking simple to plant. They (almost) never die, require little to no water, survive in sun and shade, and can be in or outdoors. They bring life and imagination to the space, and can be planted in just about anything.

succulent garden box

So when it’s cloudy out, and I am feeling disconnected… uprooted… not quite myself, digging my hands into the dirt really centers me and gets my mind right. So I decided, what better way to spruce up myself and my place then with a new planter?

Succulents can be picked up in so many places. Nurseries, flower stands, even drug and hardware stores. And containers can be anything from actual planters and pots to old tea kettles or books. All you need are some basic gardening supplies and you are well on your way to making your own little gardenscape.


You will need enough dirt to fill your container 2/3 of the way, plus an extra few cups on the side. I didn’t even use a spade, I just went with my bare hands since none of the plants were spiky. I also brought with me a bowl full of water to fully soak the box while I worked.

You can also adorn your succulent container with fun little bits & pieces like seashells, sea glass, river rocks, old keys or crystals. Since mine is on my beachy little patio, it is surrounded by sea treasures from my local beach.

beachy patio




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