Back on the Wagon

Whew – what a whirlwind of a week! Apologies for not sending smoke signals sooner, I have been a such a lil busy body as of late… between baby showers & births, family reunions and road trips, I haven’t even had time to think, let alone write. But the good news is, I made it home to my cozy little cabin and am back in my zone. Routine is in full effect, and I am feeling rejuvenated from the time well spent with family and dear friends.

And what does that even mean – to be in a routine? I don’t like doing the same damn thing every day, otherwise I get bored. I usually rotate a few different rotations into each week, depending on my work schedule, my social commitments, etc. But I am feeling curious and energized…I want to explore different variations of physical, mental and spiritual activities just to spice things up a bit. So bring on the suggestions because the spring cleaning has commenced and I am ready for change!

thug kitchen cook book

a dope gift from one of my girls, Thug Kitchen cookbook

integratron joshua tree

sneak peek from a spiritual daycation in the desert

springtime snacks

my fave new springtime snack – a wedge of low fat laughing cow and some novia scotia smoked salmon on chia seed rice thins


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