Gettin Gritty Wit It

Fresh fits by Graced by Grit

So, you know how we get in those slumps sometimes where we suddenly realize we have been totally off the tracks, get caught up in some BS, or simply lose all motivation and have a 2 week love affair with pizza and donuts? Yeah, I am sure it sounds familiar. We’ve all been there at one point or another. And we also know that the only way out of a slump is to jump back into our day-to-day head first, without thinking twice.

The hardest part of all is getting started. For me, getting some fly new gear always pumps me up for a comeback. And I had been in need of some workout staples when I found this amaZing line that was right up my alley.

Graced by Grit is a rad locally made womens activewear brand that takes you from land to sea in style and comfort. Whether you are running, swimming, doing yoga or surfing, you can stay comfortable and look cute while getting your sweat on. You have probably seen a couple sightings of GBG in some of my posts, as I wear something from their collection just about everyday. Extra bonus for me – it is totally work appropriate. I work around splashing water all day, and am constantly doing heavy lifting indoors with very little air circulation, so having clothing on that dries quickly is essential in not looking like a hot mess for my clients.

Check out GBG’s website for more of their cute stuff, and to see Gritty Girls like me make appearances on their blog. There are fun tips on activities, nutrition and local events that you can partake in to get outside and sweat!

graced by grit

graced by grit

graced by grit


graced by grit


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