Daycation: The Integratron

integratron daycationRight outside Joshua Tree, is a small desolate town called Landers that is home to the Integration – a structure in the Mojave desert that sits upon a geomagnetic vortex of spiritual energy. A friend once told me about this magical place , and told me you could have your soul healed by way of sound bath. Not sure if this crazy oasis was the real deal, I did some research and decided that the only way to fully understand it would be to experience it for myself.

Some friends and I packed the car with coffee, fresh fruit, and dust kickin boots and headed east towards Joshua Tree. We left at the crack of dawn, and drove through the colorful Rainbow Valley watching the sun rise and shined through the misty morning fog. Meandering along the San Jacinto mountain range, we drove through farmland, rocky hills and desert mountains to get to the flatlands of the Twentynine Palms Highway.

After a stretch/pee break, a few more antsy miles, and a left turn towards Landers, we arrived at the crowded gates just before opening time. Once the gates opened, we all scurried like little bugs to the box office to purchase tickets for the sound bath. After that, things relaxed a bit… we all walked around, exploring these energy charged grounds and taking in the beautiful desert surroundings.

integratron daycation

integratron daycation

We eventually went inside the two story structure to partake in what I can only describe as a child-like-wonder-filled-experience. People of all ages from all corners of life sat under one roof and listened to the rhythmic sounds of giant singing crystal bowls. They say that most people experience one of two reactions to this meditative state… either lucid visions of loved ones or significant figures in your life, or a comfortable sleep. Since it was early morning and we had been in the car for nearly three hours leading up to it, I experienced a bit of both. But I had some great breakthrough moments during and directly after the sound bath and could feel the reset take place.

Until I stood up, I didn’t realize how weighed down I felt going into it. I had been holding a lot of stress, responsibility and unnecessary suffering inside and I felt physically altered directly following this sound bath. I felt a mix of cloudy and clear headed – like a thin mist was hovering but I could still think crystal clear. It was a relaxing sensation and I would like to continue making quick trips out to do this regularly, to keep my mind and body light.

integratron daycation

integratron daycation

If you have the chance, I highly suggest checking out a sound bath. I know it sounds like some hippy shit, but it honestly has an incredibly calming and centering effect, and can open your mind to parts of the universe you didn’t even know existed. I felt like my mind, body and spirit all reset at the same time, creating a solid foundation for a period of change and growth in my life.

It is pretty crazy that a place like this exists just a few hours drive from where we live. It feels like a crazy scientific-spiritual burial rampant with good energy and healing vibes. The place is maintained by a cool group of older, hippy wizards that live in a small private Airstream community that borders the property. A quick day trip through the rural edges of San Diego, and you are transported to this unique destination on what feels like another planet.

integratron daycation




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