Winter ramblings

It has been a long year, and we haven’t even endured our coldest, darkest season. The bleak and cynical say that Winter is representative of death and dying. After all, Fall is the symbol of the final harvest, and it has already come and gone. And with El Nino slamming us over and over, we are seeing the end of the long hot days and beginning of long cold nights.

But I see the season ahead more as a fresh start. A rebirth of sorts. Where we should be evaluating, shifting focus inward, purging of the people and behaviors no longer serving us, and making room for healthier habits for the new year. Sort of like Spring Cleaning, but for the soul.

In this process, I am realizing how long it’s been since I read a book from start to finish. Went to dinner by myself. Went to yoga. Or been to the dentist? Yikes. Have I been a bad self, neglecting to nurture my own heart and soul? Panic starts setting in, and then after a few days of anxiety and list making and day planner scribbling, I begin to simply make the changes that seem so daunting. Basically, just get my shit together without getting caught up. Which is easier said than done, I might add. But every little task completed feels like a small victory, and the more I can get my personal affairs in order, the more time is freed up for me to dedicate towards more desirable endeavors. Like writing, to start.

So here we are, about to embark on the first month of Winter, and I feel like it is January 1st. Better late than never I suppose. Or maybe I am just getting ahead for this next year to come…

To the new year and all the positive change it may bring – let’s do this.


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