DIY Container Garden Project

Add some life to your home

There is nothing to get your mind right like digging your hands into the dirt. I find that being in the garden is not only therapeutic, but there is something so fulfilling about planting life into the earth, so I am always looking for fun yard projects to keep me sane.

I am a big fan of planter boxes – especially for the whole tiny herb garden look – but they don’t drain well and always end up rotting out for me. So I have learned to master using the good old fashioned terra cotta pot. Super basic, and could lead to another DIY project if you like to paint.

Succulents are the easiest to keep alive, but herbs work well year round, as do some flowers. Take a look at your outdoor area and use the amount of sunlight you get to determine where to place your pots. Once you pick your designated plant area, you have to pick out your seedlings (or seeds if you are super patient and/or have a greenhouse setup) and supplies.

What to buy

I usually get little pots in a few different sizes, a 6 pack of the strongest looking seedlings and a big bag of potting soil. You could get a shovel, or just use the plastic liner from your seedlings as a scooper since these containers are so small. If you are super OCD about cleaning, getting a tarp or drop cloth will help keep the dirt from getting everywhere.

Ready, Set, Go

planting pots 1

step 1 / if you aren’t buying new, wash out your container

planting pots 2

step 2 / layer bottom of container with small stones to allow drainage, then fill 2/3 full with potting soil

planting pots 3

step 3 / remove seedlings from their original packaging and loosen ends of roots

planting pots 4

step 4 / bury seedling in dampened soil, and cover and lightly pack topsoil – leaving room for water


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