Beautiful Burrata Salad

So cheese is like, my biggest food group. Forget milk and butter, I don’t consume either. My dairy square is ALL cheese. And arguably, my favorite of all time is Buratta Cheese. It took over the place Brie had in my heart about 4 years ago, when I first ate the Buratta Toast from Blue Ribbon Pizza (my last dying wish, for real). It rich, creamy, light and salty – basically the most delicious thing ever.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Buratta in the fridge section at Trader Joe’s. I was pretty skeptical too, I only like the homemade stuff to get that real authentic taste. But I decided to give it a try, and although it isn’t quite as amazeballs as the real homemade stuff, it allowed me to get my fix at home and hit the spot.

Here is my recipe for a Beautiful Buratta Salad… you can make anything and put Buratta on it but this mix of flavors, colors and textures was fantastic.

rocket arugula

corn/edamame/red pepper succotash from Trader Joe’s freezer

cherry tomatoes


buratta cheese from Trader Joe’s fridge

sea salt & black pepper

citrus olive oil from Temecula Olive Oil Company

splash of balsamic vinegar

Buratta Salad

Buratta Salad

Buratta Salad

Buratta Salad


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Burrata Salad

  1. OMG. Great minds think a like. We make the same salad. Love it. It’s Bruce’s fav!!! ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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