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Gettin Gritty Wit It

Fresh fits by Graced by Grit

So, you know how we get in those slumps sometimes where we suddenly realize we have been totally off the tracks, get caught up in some BS, or simply lose all motivation and have a 2 week love affair with pizza and donuts? Yeah, I am sure it sounds familiar. We’ve all been there at one point or another. And we also know that the only way out of a slump is to jump back into our day-to-day head first, without thinking twice.

The hardest part of all is getting started. For me, getting some fly new gear always pumps me up for a comeback. And I had been in need of some workout staples when I found this amaZing line that was right up my alley.

Graced by Grit is a rad locally made womens activewear brand that takes you from land to sea in style and comfort. Whether you are running, swimming, doing yoga or surfing, you can stay comfortable and look cute while getting your sweat on. You have probably seen a couple sightings of GBG in some of my posts, as I wear something from their collection just about everyday. Extra bonus for me – it is totally work appropriate. I work around splashing water all day, and am constantly doing heavy lifting indoors with very little air circulation, so having clothing on that dries quickly is essential in not looking like a hot mess for my clients.

Check out GBG’s website for more of their cute stuff, and to see Gritty Girls like me make appearances on their blog. There are fun tips on activities, nutrition and local events that you can partake in to get outside and sweat!

graced by grit

graced by grit

graced by grit


graced by grit

Back on the Wagon

Whew – what a whirlwind of a week! Apologies for not sending smoke signals sooner, I have been a such a lil busy body as of late… between baby showers & births, family reunions and road trips, I haven’t even had time to think, let alone write. But the good news is, I made it home to my cozy little cabin and am back in my zone. Routine is in full effect, and I am feeling rejuvenated from the time well spent with family and dear friends.

And what does that even mean – to be in a routine? I don’t like doing the same damn thing every day, otherwise I get bored. I usually rotate a few different rotations into each week, depending on my work schedule, my social commitments, etc. But I am feeling curious and energized…I want to explore different variations of physical, mental and spiritual activities just to spice things up a bit. So bring on the suggestions because the spring cleaning has commenced and I am ready for change!

thug kitchen cook book

a dope gift from one of my girls, Thug Kitchen cookbook

integratron joshua tree

sneak peek from a spiritual daycation in the desert

springtime snacks

my fave new springtime snack – a wedge of low fat laughing cow and some novia scotia smoked salmon on chia seed rice thins

plants make me happy

It’s a fact… plants make me happy.

And I’m not the only one. Scientific studies prove that having plants in your living space helps purify air and makes one feel closer to nature. Think about it… plants represent the earth, air, water, sun, life, growth. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by all that goodness?

Whenever I am feeling like I need to do something to ground me to the earth, I like to garden. Succulents are so freaking simple to plant. They (almost) never die, require little to no water, survive in sun and shade, and can be in or outdoors. They bring life and imagination to the space, and can be planted in just about anything.

succulent garden box

So when it’s cloudy out, and I am feeling disconnected… uprooted… not quite myself, digging my hands into the dirt really centers me and gets my mind right. So I decided, what better way to spruce up myself and my place then with a new planter?

Succulents can be picked up in so many places. Nurseries, flower stands, even drug and hardware stores. And containers can be anything from actual planters and pots to old tea kettles or books. All you need are some basic gardening supplies and you are well on your way to making your own little gardenscape.


You will need enough dirt to fill your container 2/3 of the way, plus an extra few cups on the side. I didn’t even use a spade, I just went with my bare hands since none of the plants were spiky. I also brought with me a bowl full of water to fully soak the box while I worked.

You can also adorn your succulent container with fun little bits & pieces like seashells, sea glass, river rocks, old keys or crystals. Since mine is on my beachy little patio, it is surrounded by sea treasures from my local beach.

beachy patio



Healthy Habit: Foam Rollin

Recently, I have been a bit of an amazon addict… I know many recovered addicts, and never knew what all the fuss was about. But my oh my was I missing out until now! It was just too easy, and now I am the proud owner of many things I have been eyeing over the past few months.

And my most recent purchase is a fab foam roller !!

foam roller

Unimpressed? Then you OBVS aren’t hip to how awesome foam rolling actually is for you.

In a nutshell, it is like ironing out the wrinkles in your muscle tissue. By massaging your sensory receptors, your blood starts to circulate better, alleviating potential soreness following a strenuous workout. It can also aid in bettering your balance, increasing flexibility, and aligning your spine.

benefits of foam rolling

Foam rollers also come in different densities for different areas, but I ordered one with multiple densities for its versatility. I bounce between cardio, circuit training, yoga and sports so being able to address the challenges of each workout is important for someone like me. But even the most basic plain white foam roller can get you the benefits to better your bod.

But if you’re anything like me – a total skeptic when it comes to using new equipment at the gym – it can be a slightly intimidating challenge. But I promise you, 5 minutes of pain will greatly benefit you in the long run. So suck it up and get to rollin!

For more on the benefits of foam rolling – and to see my post-workout routine – check out my guest post on Graced by Grit!

benefits of foam rolling